#IMMOOC 4 Selfie Contest and Giveaway

We appreciate all of the people who have signed up for the #IMMOOC, and as a show of appreciation, Dave Burgess Consulting and IMpress Books will be giving away some prizes.

You will have the opportunity to win three books of your choice from the Dave Burgess Consulting library, so if you want to be entered, please do the following:

  1. Sign up for the #IMMOOC mailing list if you have not already joined.
  2. Tweet a selfie of you holding the book “The Innovator’s Mindset,” “Learner-Centred Innovation,” or “Empower” to the #IMMOOC hashtag (Kindle version or Paperback). Please also use the hashtag of the corresponding book so the authors can connect with you directly (Innovator’s Mindset = #IMMOOC #InnovatorsMindset, Empower = #IMMOOC #EmpowerBook, Learner-Centred Innovation = #IMMOOC #LCInnovation).
  3. Fill in this form to finalize your entry.
  4. You can enter twice if you post to your own personal Facebook with the #IMMOOC hashtag as well (you will need to fill out the entry with a link to your Facebook post as well).

There will be ten prizes given away, and we will be making the draw on March 12, 2018 (or close to that date); you have until March 9 to enter.  Winners will be contacted directly via email.

Thank you for entering! We look forward to your selfies. 🙂